Apparitions: virtual space virtual space

The virtual environment itself is a three-dimensional, photo-realistic representation of a medical clinic composed of several distinct rooms or spaces, connected by a system of doors and hallways. Some of the spaces closely resemble what one might expect to find in a contemporary medical clinic. Others take advantage of the fact that they are virtual spaces by becoming fantastic allegorical spaces which deal conceptually with virtual technologies, information spaces, and technologically mediated zones of popular culture. Each space is supported by video imagery which flanks the projection of the virtual environment.

In the Exam Room, as the Cyberguide puts it, you "explore the boundaries of your body." This space, usually used to weigh and measure the physical body, offers you a mirror in which to examine your electronic body and its importance in defining your identity.

From the Exam Room, you proceed to the Lab, where you descend like Alice down the rabbit hole into a centrifuge/carousel that links blood, amusement, guns, and sexual paraphernalia. The entertainment industry is one of the most powerful investors in Virtual Reality, and this room plays with the notions of sex and violence as entertainment, and as the most lucrative use for virtual reality.

Imaging is a room containing a large device which resembles a Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine. You enter the main orifice of the scanner and speed through a vascular tunnel. In this space you explore the historical and technological relationship between medicine and military technology, especially the notion of "imaging" and ways we imagine our bodies.

Finally, the Doctor's Office is a gateway to Cyberspace, where streaming bits of information flow through a vast landscape. Here we look at the relationship between information and knowledge, how access to information is controlled and monitored, and how information overload increasingly defines our daily experience.

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